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Your Heart On My Sleeve

Played a gig in Memphis late last Friday night

Singing those Beale Street blues

Neon temptations always putting up a fight

But they don’t stand a chance, I got too much to lose


No loneliness too strong

No winter night too long

No whiskey’s gonna make me lose my mind

No name bars, motel rooms

Just places that I’m missing you

Nothing new out here I’m trying to find

No matter where I go you’re always close to me

I’m wearing your heart on my sleeve

She hung out by the stage all night dancing by herself

Her eyes, that hungry kind of blue

She made it clear, yeah, I know the signs too well

I didn’t have to leave alone, but, baby, she wasn’t you


Rain’s beating on my windshield, I’m pushing through the storm

Till we’re under the covers, all tangled up and warm

© 2015 John Cirillo/Jan Essenburg

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