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Feeling Holy



There’s a healing power in the moon tonight

Never thought my spirit could ever fly so high

Kinda like the heavens saying it’s all right

I’m feeling holy 


Fought through the darkness to a mountaintop

Under a million stars and a whole lot closer to God  

Guess this broken soul’s getting one more shot

I’m feeling holy



Got this peace coming over me         

So I breathe, taking it down deep

Spread my arms out to the night
I got hope and that’s my light

I’m feeling holy


Those heartless demons tried to chip away  

Man, I struggled just to hold on to my faith   

But I climbed those jagged edges and here I am today

Feeling holy




Cuz I’m living in the moment every second knowing that

This path is just a journey that will always lead me back

To my own heart… isn’t that where holy starts?


© 2019   John Cirillo/Jayne Sachs/Mary Haller

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