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Nothing Left But Love

Baby, we let the little things stand in our way

Fightin’ ‘bout nothing until it’s something just like we did today

I don’t wanna see the sun go down without us making up

Wanna hold you till there’s nothing left but love


Let’s open our hearts

To get to what is true

Reach deep inside

To the love in me an you

We’ll push away the anger

I know we’re strong enough

Let’s open our hearts

Till there’s nothing left but love

Looking in your eyes I see my lover and best friend

We always find a way to fall in love all over again

Nothin’ in this world will ever come between us

I’m gonna hold me, I won’t let go, till there’s nothing left but love


Love’s about forgiveness

Tenderness and trust

I want to lie down,

Get lost in your touch

Kim Franca/ John Cirillo © 2013

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