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Cowboy Heart

Before you ride into the sunset

Before we say our last goodbye

There’s some things I gotta tell you

Been weighing heavy on my mind

Going on without you, damn, it’s gonna be hard

But I’ll be alright if I’m half the man you are


Strong as a hickory tree

Wise as a man could be

So much more than callouses and scars

You’re John Wayne fighting proud

And you say what you mean right out loud

Whenever I get lost you’re my Northern Star

I’m gonna miss your cowboy heart

When I was seventeen and crazy

I stole your keys and I flipped your truck

You didn’t yell, you didn’t ground me

Just made me work till I paid it off

You were tough but always fair and I bet you never knew

Even when we were fighting I wanted to be just like you


It beats inside me now

But I’ll always remember how (you were)

© 2014 John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal

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