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Before You Lied

I’m only gonna say this once

So you better listen up

I’m tired of all the games

You been playing with our love

You keep telling me one thing

And doing something else

It’s the last time, baby, I let you let me

Make a fool out of myself


You should’ve packed your bags

Called your momma

Told her you’re coming home

Changed your address, erased my number

From your telephone

You shoulda found Jesus, Cuz, boy, I swear

You’re about to pay for your sins

That’s what you should’ve done

(Prob”ly shoulda hid your gun)

That’s what you should’ve done

Before you lied to me again

You kept your dirty little secret

But she spread it all over town

You’re always gonna wind up on the losing end

When you pass your love around

You keep saying you’re sorry

But I know that ain’t true

You’re not sorry for hurting me

Just sorry I caught you


I'm tired of all your coulda, woulda,shoulda empty cheatin' words

Now I'm gonna kick your sorry ass, all the way back to her

John Cirillo/David Loew 2012

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