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Hard Times and High Waters



I know you feel you’re all alone with the crazy in this life

Like troubles are all your own, it’s just your fight to fight

I get that it ain’t easy for you to let me in

But I can lighten up your load, let your lover be your friend

And when the storms comes blowing in again



Hold on

Hold tight

I won’t let you drown tonight

Dark days are out to pull us under

Never gonna be an easy ride

Together we can make it to the other side

Of these hard times and high waters


I know we’re gonna have those days when we don’t agree

When clouds open up and the heavens rain and it’s too thick to see

Bitter winds might fill our sails and we can’t find the shore

But we remember why we love so we love a little more

That’s all we need to get us through this storm



Lying here in each other arms

We Hold on

Hold tight

Love strong




© 2019  John Cirillo/Dan O’Rourke/Raquel Warchol

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