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Lost Amen 


Even though I’ve never seen water turning into wine,

Doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen once upon a time,

While I’m down here on this earth,

Walking on this dirt,

I still pray 


Sometimes when life is coming at ya 100 miles an hour

It’s easy to forget to lean into your higher power

When everything’s a blur

And Faith is just a word

I still pray



Couldn’t find it in the whiskey

Couldn’t see it through the smoke

But I know it’s out there somewhere

Buried in blind hope

I throw my prayers to the wind,

Till they come back again,

Searching (‘) for my lost amen


I keep trying to find the reasons why for all my twists and turns

I keep trying to ride the rapids under bridges that I’ve burned

Through all the broken hearts,

Slamming doors and battle scars,

I still pray




Amen to the hard roads wherever they may lead. 

Amen to the mem’ries still in front of me

Amen wherever it might be


© 2019                  John Cirillo/Troy Castellano/Sarah Spencer

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