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Run Away Tears

It’s another heartache morning

After one more heartbreak night

We stare into our coffee cups

Tired of the fight

But this time is the last time

We pushed our love too far

I don’t need to hear you’re voice

To know what’s in your heart


You’ve got those run away tears

Like raindrops in a storm

After all these years

There’s no trying anymore

We’ll apologize; dry our eyes

But our story ends right here

You’ll say goodbye yeah I see it all

In your run away tears

We used up all our anger

Now it’s sadness and regret

For all the dreams forgotten

And the ones we can’t forget

I see your car keys on the table

Right next to your wedding ring

There’s nothing left to keep you here

Except everything


There’s nothing left to say

Nothing left for me to do but watch you drive away


Through my run away tears

Like raindrops in a storm

They’ll be falling for years

‘Cuz I can’t close this door

I ain’t through loving you

But that won’t keep you here

Yeah I see it all

Through my run away tears

I see your tail lights disappear

Through my run away tears

2012 John Cirillo

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