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There’s a road sign in my headlights

Full of bullet holes and predictions

Says if we can make it 10 more miles

We can hide out in the old town mission

He kept my sister bruised and battered

I left him bleeding on the floor

Judge won’t see it my way

But I made peace with the lord


I’m Justified

He’s (your) just a dead man

Eye for an eye

So the good book says

We’re gonna ride

Like two bats out of hell

I know damn well wrong from right

I’m justified

She’s lying in the backseat

Scared but she’s still breathing

I know a short cut cross the border

On that long road to freedom

I see the blue lights in my rearview

They don’t scare me anymore

I got Reba coming out the radio

And the peddle to the floor


Sometimes you got to fight fire with ice

Mean with nasty, fists with knives

If you lay one dirty finger on my sister,

Then mister

© 2016 John Cirillo/ Dan Reifsnyder

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