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Chapel Hill’s pretty when October rolls in

But you want to go where you’ve never been

Cuz there’s more out there

Than sweet Appalachian air


So when he got down on one knee and showed you the ring

Yes was on your lips, but the word never came

Cause in the back of your mind

You’d already said goodbye



You’re on your runaway ride

Up and down the interstate flyin

Got your skyscraper dreams beside ya

Staring down the double yellow lines

You’re on nobody’s time

Cutting all the heart strings that bind ya

Searching for that something inside ya

Do you find ya

Ever miss the love you left behind ya

In Carolina


When that first snow fell on those whispering pines

You were halfway to LA with stars in your eyes

When you think about him

You can’t let those kind of thoughts creep in

Turn the radio up again



Chapel Hill’s pretty when the dogwoods bloom,

He’s still holding that ring; you’ve still got driving to do



© 2018  John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal/Sarah Spencer

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