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The Dash

The Dash


I hope you find a reason

To open up that bottle

Of twenty year old whiskey

Catching dust up on your shelf

And if you’re holding on to dreams

You swear someday you’ll follow

Just remember you can’t hand ‘em off

To anybody else


Tomorrow ain’t a promise it’s a gift

Every day’s another chance to live



When your spirit meets the sky

And the chisel meets the stone

The day you’re born, the day you die

That’s all anyone will know

But all your greatest highs and lows

Are in that horizontal line

Dust to dust, ash to ash

Life is all about the dash

And when you’re standing at the crossroads

Of fear and taking chances

And that road nobody travels

Is calling out your name

Are you gonna take that first step

Or sit their on the fence, it’s

A chance to change your story

Or leave it all the same


Be proud of the footprints that you leave

Cuz in the end we’re nothing more than memories



Don’t we all want to leave a mark

On something more than granite?



© 2018 John Cirillo (ASCAP)/Dan Reifsnyder (ASCAP)

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