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Bring Your Beautiful

I’m lost here tonight

So lonely without you

I know you’re out with friends

To have a drink or two

I love to hear your voice

But I’d rather taste your lips

It may be late, but I can wait up, baby,

For that goodnight kiss


Bring your beautiful

Close enough to touch

Bring your beautiful

I’ll be waiting with my love

Come on, come on, lying here without you

Girl, it don’t feel right

Bring your beautiful tonight

The minutes on my clock

Feel like hours crawling by

Trying not to think of you

Is just a waste of time

All the ways you get to me

Go much deeper than just skin

That’s why I’m always missing you

Till I hold you again

Repeat Chorus


No need to knock

You’ve got my key

Just come on in

Slide yourself

Between my sheets

Don’t you know

I love it when

Repeat Chorus

© 2015 John Cirillo/Chip Martin

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