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Into the wild


I was playing it safe behind my fences

Making sure the odds were stacked against us

Wearing my old scars, keeping us apart


But your spark kept burning brighter

There’s no taming wild fire

Finally breaking through

Now I’m melting into you


Let’s get lost

Feel our hearts go spinning out

Out of control

Just letting it go

Love running blind

This is the great unknown

Somewhere we never been before

Don’t hesitate

We’ll find our own way

Mile by reckless mile

Let love take us into the wild


Every twist and turn, it’s all ours

Waterfalls, weeds and wildflowers

Every step we take

A little risk, a little faith


No, baby, I don’t want to wait



We got each other, we got time

Who knows what we will find


© 2017

John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal/Sarah Spencer

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