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My Oh My


Oh my, Lottery ticket,

Got an ace high, yellow brick road

And the bluebirds singing it,

You know I’m diggin it


Gray clouds, keep on movin’,

Hey, good sounds keep on groovin’,

Hey tide keep turnin, turnin’ my way



Look at that sunshine

My oh my, my oh my, my oh my

Yeah Lady Luck’s ‘bout to be a friend of mine


A little bit of blue sky

Flying high, flying high, flying high

I got a feeling I’m gonna feel alright, I

Got sweet vibrations headed my way

Flyin high
My oh my oh my


Three, two, wonderful feelin’

Me, you, yeah we’re free wheeling it

Easy streetin’, for no good reason


Don’t take a lot of cash

To put that smile in a photograph

Got to make it last, yeah


© 2017           John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal/Nicole Lewis

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