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Me Tonight

He’s two weeks gone and I’m tired of lonely

So done waiting on him to call me

Gonna shake off the dust from this broken heart

With my top too tight and my skirt too short

That’s not the me that I’ve been all my life

But that’s me tonight


Dancing with a stranger

Drinking something stronger

Giving out my number

That’s me tonight

Kissing in the corner

Moving even closer

Living in the moment

That’s me tonight

Doing all the wrong things right

That’s me tonight

There’s a cool drink of trouble sitting at the bar

One kiss later I’m hanging on his arm

Gonna go too far, gonna play his game

Gonna be regrets, yeah, but that’s ok

Good girls can be a little bad sometimes

And that’s me tonight


Tequila conversation with the bathroom mirror

Devil on my shoulder saying what I want to hear

I can listen to that angel any other time (right now)

© 2014 John Cirillo/Dan Reifsnyder/Sarah Spencer

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