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Fade to Black


Sun’s going down

Fire’s going out

We can’t keep each other warm

Huddle in close

But we both know

We won’t make it through this storm


It’s been blowing in

On a chilling wind

This cold dark cloud



I can see the lightening flashing

All thunder no passion

As you and I go crashing

Against the night

We’re off into the darkness

This love of ours is heartless

The truth is always harshest

In the light

Can’t stay here, can’t go back

Fade to black


Tears turn to rain

All kinds of pain

Pouring down, drowning us

No where to hide

No hope in sight

There’s no prayer strong enough


Ain’t no light of day

Coming our way

Just this cold dark cloud


© 2016 John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal

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