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Southern Cinderella

That sweet slow song that we love

Coming out the radio

Fireflies shine like Christmas lights in June

We hold on tight to each other

Like we can’t let go

Nights like this, girl, always end too soon

But kisses taste sweeter, feelings get stronger

Love grows deeper as the night gets longer


Girl, you look like a southern Cinderella

Dancing under this blue moon sky

Just ask the stars, they’ll be the first to tell ya

Love takes its own sweet time

And it’s only midnight

Night wind whispering our names

Like a magic spell

Ain’t no better time for that next kiss

A bright star shoots across the heavens

Ain’t that beautiful

Just close your eyes, and make a wish

Cuz the night bird’s singing, the hoot owls calling

The world stopped spinning but we’re still falling


We’re just two shadows in the dark

Hiding from sunlight,

We still got all night

To get lost in each other’s arms

John Cirillo/Casey Smalley

© 2013

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