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Don’t Last Long

We were hell bent on raising hell

That summer we came alive

With fake IDs and time to kill

Ride, rebels, ride

We’re mustang crazy in a one-horse town

Swore we’d live forever, never slow down

Always racing, racing against the sun



Can’t steal from time

But we damn sure try

Full tilt boogie

Till the day we die

Gonna live, gonna love,

Gonna grab it all before it’s gone

Cuz, brother it don’t last long


I know there will come a day

Somewhere down the line

When these wild oats get blown away

So ride, cowboys, ride

Gonna leave this life with no regrets

Double down on all my bets

Keep racing, racing against the sun


Repeat Chorus



We can bitch and moan, we can scream and cry

But that river’s gonna run, till it all runs dry

Might as well jump in, have a crazy wild ride

Life ain’t nothing if it ain’t fun


Cuz, brother it don’t last long

© 2015 Jan Essenburg/John Cirillo

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