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He bought me my first guitar

            Dried my tears, he played the part

            The needle on my compass

            He showed me what love is


            Now he’s gone but I won't forget

            All the lessons learned, all the times he said

Keep reaching for the stars

Even when it's hard


It’s my turn to change the world



I wanna leave behind my fingerprints

Don’t want to cover up the evidence

Touch a heart; touch a soul

Be remembered when I go

Yeah, I wanna leave behind

My fingerprints


I’ll leave my mark with a melody

My words will be my legacy

Kindness and compassion

Gonna bring it back in fashion


I don’t need to be a superstar

To shine a light in the dark

There’s hope inside the music

So many who could use it


It’s my turn to change the world



Gonna pay if forward

Gonna pass it on

Before I’m gone



© 2019           John Cirillo /Tori Martin/ Troy Castellano

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