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One of Those Nights

Honey, let me tell you how good it is to be home

I thought this day was never gonna end

Someone’s been messing with my mojo all day long

I’d love to know who let the devil in

The only thing that saved me from jumping off a bridge

Was knowing you were waiting with your love me tender kiss


It’s been one of those days

And it’s all that I could do

To keep this train wreck on the tracks

Till I got home to you

But everything is looking bright

Since you turned off the lights

It’s been one of those days

And, Honey, I could sure use

One of those nights

The boss’s lips were moving but I didn’t hear a word

I was busy fantasizing about you

Your dress falls off your shoulders; your fingers grab my shirt

Now it’s time to make those fantasies come true

The way you wrap yourself around me with that hunger in your eye

Well, I know I had a bad day but I can’t remember why


A night we get all tangled up in satin

Lost in your Victoria Secret smile

When every move you make becomes my favorite distraction

And I forget for a little while (that)

John Cirillo/Chip Martin 2012

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