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Little More Freedom

Virginia Beach or San Francisco

I’ll go whichever way the wind blows

I’ll be chasin’ the sun on my face

Feel every shadow fall away


Rev the engine, put it in drive

Leave the city lights behind me

Leave it all behind me

I need wheels

Open road

Nowhere I gotta be

Feel the earth

Touch the sky

Sweeter air I can breathe

I keep on dreamin’

Of a little more freedom

Break away

Chase the wind

Leave without a goodbye

Great escape

Leap of faith

While I still got the time

I keep on dreamin’

Of a little more freedom


I can almost touch those Rocky Mountains - all my troubles -

Somewhere along the way I dropped ‘em

I let ‘em go, one by one

Fading in the setting sun

Ain’t turnin back, ain’t missin’ home

I’ll go wherever this highway takes me

As far as it can take me


© 2017                       John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal/Nicole Lewis

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