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Street Lights



I rode my bike with all my friends

All over town from end to end

Never thought ‘bout going home

Till the street lights came on


Waved at strangers driving by

Some stopped to talk from time to time

Free to do whatever we want

Till the street lights came on



I miss that world, where did it go?

County fairs and ice creams cones

When my best friend lived a stone’s throw away

Innocence lost but what’s been gained?

When you leave your dreams in a picture frame

Hope you haven’t seen the last of your good ole days

Summer sun, just having fun till the street lights came on



Swore this town wouldn’t hold my dreams

Just couldn’t wait to turn 18

But tomorrow would never come

Till the street lights came on





Oh sweet memories, will always be a part of me



© 2017                  John Cirillo/Dan Reifsnyder/Tori Martin

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