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Going Nowhere Slow

Tried not to laugh

When we called in sick

And we crawled back in bed

Girl, you gotta admit

Nothing better than having

Nothing better to do

We can do what we want
And all I want is you



There’s just something ‘bout doing nothing

There’s a world out there, but we don’t care cuz

No sense rushing this lazy loving

We got all day girl, what do ya say

We stay at home, laying low

Going nowhere slow


How ‘bout a little bit of

Breakfast in bed

You’ll scramble the eggs

And I’ll burn the bread

We’ll watch black and white movies

Till we get bored

Then we’ll go undercover

Love a little more



Oh, oh, oh, oh, we got nowhere to go

Oh, oh, oh, oh going nowhere slow

Oh, oh, oh, oh, come on baby let’s go

Oh,oh,oh,oh, going nowhere slow

© 2014 John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal

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