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I bummed a cigarette in the back the bar

Bought me a drink and that’s where it all started

We covered every topic under the stars

Where I’m from what you like and who we really are

I wasn’t looking for love I didn’t ask for it

I'm not the one who makes promises, promises

Like what we're gonna be, like what you'll do for me

I'm not the one who breaks promises, promises

Honestly I see right through your hy-
Pocrisy and everything that you
Constantly pretend to be oh
Since when did you decide I wasn’t worth your time

Honestly I just don’t see why you

Obviously don’t even try to take

Seriously The lies you tell to me
I think I’ve had enough of what you’re calling love


Smoke a cigarette and wonder where you are

Its 3am and I still don’t see your car no

This constant deja vu is getting kind of hard

Don’t tell me that your coming over if you aren’t

If you weren’t looking for love why did you ask for it

Why did you have to make promises promises

I’m sick of waiting around I’m tired of being let down

Why did you break those promises,  promises


And I don’t know what I did wrong

I don’t know where we go from here

I Guess it's time that I move on

I guess it's time for some honesty

© 2018  John Cirillo/Jake Saghi/Sydney St. George

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