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Making It Up As We Go


You asked me out

And I said no

You asked again

Now away we go


And I’m so glad it’s working out so far

Yeah, here we are


Holding hands

And talking daydreams

My heart beats faster

Whatever that means


Sometimes we’ll get lost going with the flow

But I know



We're gonna get it right

We're gonna get it wrong

Making it up as we go

What a sweet surprise

As we stumble along

Falling in love

We’re just making it up as we go


Sometimes we fight

Most times we don’t

And the kissing’s nice

When the nights get cold



We don’t know what we don’t know about us

But we like it


There’s no map to follow

Don’t know where we’ll be tomorrow

But you know that’s ok

We’ll just wander our own way



© 2018            John Cirillo/Dan Reifsnyder/Sarah Spencer

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