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It’s You

I know I have heard this song

At least a thousand times

So how come right now dancing slow

There’s shivers down my spine

It’s the same old words and music

So why’s it sound so new

It ain’t the jukebox

It’s you


There ain’t no other explanation

For this situation

That I can see

All I know is I’m much better

When we’re together

So, what else could it be?

Lean into me, baby,

Let your heart beat against mine

I think the world stopped turning

And there’s no such thing as time

I swear I must be dreaming

This is too good to be true

But this ain’t no dream

It’s you

There’s the sweetest fire

Burning in my soul

Like 20 year old bourbon

Going down real slow

Something’s got me feeling

The amazing way I do

It ain’t no whiskey

It’s you

There ain’t no mystery

It’s you

© 2015 John Cirillo(ASCAP)/Chip Martin

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