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Soul Of The Heartland


You’ve got 6th generation Wild West blood

Running through your veins, mixed in the mud

And there’s a wind swept pride

Won’t be denied

You can feel it in your bones

Wheat fields and cattle / far as the eye can see

All the dreams you work for they don’t come easily

But you’re right where you belong

What makes you strong

That heaven that you call home


In the soul of the heartland

You know this is good land

Never far away / from a helping calloused hand,

And if we can’t, we know Jesus can

Save the soul of the heartland


Some kids head to California and leave their boots behind

But some get up every mornin’, keep this way of life from dyin’

There’s faith and hope

Down every dusty road

One rainfall at a time



When you look across the sky

And you see what you’ve been givin’

This sacred ground beneath your feet

And you’re thankful that you’re livin’...



© 2018            John Cirillo/Sarah Spencer/Tori Martin

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