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My Marilyn Monroe

Well I was headed west chasing that sunset

Bound for anywhere but where I’ve been

I wouldn’t mind getting Rocky Mountain high

Going California crazy watching waves roll in

My wheels died outside of Oklahoma

Stuck out my thumb tried to bum a ride

A ’57 ‘Vet rolled up beside me

And a drop-dead starlet said hop inside


It was just like an old black and white movie

We were bigger than life on that silver screen

Down those back roads we was Hollywood beautiful

My Marilyn Monroe, I was her James Dean

My Marilyn Monroe, I was her James Dean

We drove down to the Cimarron River

Left a trail of clothes and jumped on in

You couldn’t write a script any better

Wish I could rewind and do it all again

Repeat chorus:


Black and white gave way to Technicolor

Kissed her goodbye, hopped a ride back east

And as the credits roll I know I’ll remember

That summer of love and my sweet Norma Jean

Repeat chorus

© 2015 John Cirillo/Casey Smalley/Chip Martin

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