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Coyote Moon


Runnin’ with the wind, you’re coming undone

Holdin’ on to whatever hope you got

Slip a little further, hand on your gun,

It’s coming if you’re ready or not  


No, nowhere to hide your wild side


Trippin’ in the night, tryin a figure out the

The shadows that are showing their face to you

High desert demons are tracking you down

Hot on your trail they been chasing you


Get your head straight, but your crazy won’t wait



It’s taking over

A blood red slow burn

Revealing your spirit, you love and you fear it

You’ll do what it wants you to do

It’s in your veins now

It’s got you chained down

You’re caught in the midnight

It’s just you and the coyote moon


You know you're not the first, sure won’t be the last

Speaking to the sinister truth you found

Dyin’ of a thirst, flying at you fast,

That animal inside you breaking out


You’re fightin’ yourself, a visceral yell


© 2018     John Cirillo/Dan O’Rourke/Sam Gyllenhaal

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