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Hey Goodbye


Hey goodbye

Don’t you come and knockin’ at my door

Say it’s all right

Don’t tell me she don’t love me anymore

(That girl is gonna love me forever more)


Well I’ve seen you in her eyes

Like a tear drop in disguise

Bringing her down

And that’s bringing me down

See, we were doin fine

Just lovin’ all time

Till you came around

Till you come around?

So, why don’t you go?


You got her thinking twice

She’s fire then she’s ice

What did you do?

What can I do?

Does this woman in my bed

Have it in her head

I ain’t enough

Hey, goodbye, where’d she get that stuff

So, why don’t you go


Hey goodbye I’ll tell you why it’s time you hit road

There’s only room for two and you know

I ain’t letting go

John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal (2012)

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