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When I Get To It

Well its one of those nights, just feels right to put on my party shoes

Had one of those weeks, on a losing streak, feel the need to really blow a fuse

Me and the girls out to raise some hell or lower heaven just a bit

See what kind of trouble we can get into just for the fun of it


So hey hey player now whaddya say

You got the Hollywood looks that blow the ladies away

I can see you and me doin’ the wild, wild thing

Yeah a one-night rodeo roll in the hay

When the sun comes up I may kick myself

But tonight I got the balls (stones) to do it

And I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it

We can play it cool or we can play it hot as long as we get to play

How about I buy us just one more shot before we make our getaway

Got a buzz like a zoom, zoom, lipstick in the ladies room, yeah, I’m feeling all right

Save your lines for the next girl, you can rock her world, I just want what’s mind tonight

Repeat Chorus


Most times I walk the line, but tonight that ain’t enough

Sometimes you gotta pour that gas, strike that match and light it up

Repeat Chorus

© 2015 John Cirillo(ASCAP)/Chip Martin(BMI)

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