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Train Wreck

Another 3am

Another where you been

This you and me thing is running off the rails


You live on drama

And I don’t wanna

Be the blackboard to your fingernails



Girl, I’ve had enough

This is where I get off



I’ll take a rain check on your train wreck

Ain’t no brakes on your dangerous curves

Yeah, I love you but I can’t save you

There’s bound to be a crash and burn

Before we both go up in flames

I’ll take a rain check on your train wreck


Those people you call friends

Are gonna do you in

And it hurts too much for me to watch you fall


You used to love me

Now you just use me

Till there’s nothing left of me at all



Your sex is like a drug

But I’ve got to give it up

Repeat Chorus



Twenty tons of smoke and steel

Out of control, running down hill

You swear you’ll stop but I know you never will

Repeat Chorus

© 2016 John Cirillo/David Hill/Chip Martin

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