Woman Up

Hey girl friend you went and did it again

You gave your heart up to a low down man

Gave him what he wanted when you know you could have had more

So why are you surprised you caught him sneaking around

Ain’t that what every bad boy’s about

You can cry in the bed you made like you’ve done before

Or when push comes to shove, you can shove him right out the door


Woman up

Pull yourself together

That’s enough

You can do better

Girl, you know I love ya

But I’m gonna have to tell ya

Straight up

Woman up

He ain’t worth the crying

Suck it up

He ain’t worth the trying

Ain’t no denying

You’ve been dragged down far enough

Woman up

There’s a good man out there waiting on you

But the very first thing that you gotta do

Is burn this bridge and every bad memory

I want you to stand right here

Look at yourself in your bedroom mirror

Till you see the beautiful spirit that I see

And that spirit inside, she’s dying to break free

Bridge: (spoken)

"You can change your hair, what you wear, your nail color, taller, blonder but it still won’t change what you really need to let go of, and what you really need a lot more of - love for yourself, for your inner beauty. Are you gettin it girl? Are you listening to me? You gotta count to 10, before you fall again, Dig your high heels in and love yourself, woman, Woman up!"

(2014) Cirillo/Spencer/Reifsnyder