Taking the Long Way

I keep telling myself, don’t rush

I don’t want to mess this up

It’s tough fighting off blue-eyed temptation

Making so sense at all

How you’re changing the way I fall

Ah, girl, what a sweet sensation


Taking it slow, oh step by step

And I don’t know what’s coming next

But I know I’m just fine right where we are

Cuz we got time, I’m gonna get it right

If you keep on showing me signs

I’m gonna find my way, no matter how far

Taking the long way, the long way to your heart

We’ll slow dance around the moon

The night’s gonna end too soon,

And you can kiss me nice and easy

Girl, you know it’s all right

I’m looking way past tonight

My oh my, baby, can’t you feel it


No time bombs ticking, whoa

No over-thinking, No

Just me and you

© 2015 John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal