Summer Thing

I had three months to chill on Barefoot Beach

Ride the waves, and work on my tan

Till you came strolling by in your barefoot feet

Changing up both of our plans

But when the autumn wind blows, baby

Gonna take you away


We got no time for heartache

But plenty for romance

We’ll take it nice and slow, babe

As fast as we can

We’re somewhere in between,

Forever and a fling

It’s a summer thing

Look at you in that bikini top,

Sipping on coconut rum

It ain’t the heat making you so damn hot

Swaying to them steel drums

You’re turning every moment, baby

Into a sweet memory


And when the sun’s done shining there’ll be no crying

No promises to break

But come the cold cold winter, I will remember

These hot hot summer days

© 2014 John Cirillo/Sam Cirillo