Goin’ Bout this Heartache All Wrong

My girl said she was leaving

And like a sweet dream she was gone

So I went down to Sammy’s

To get my heartache on

The waitress poured me doubles

With one hand on my knee

Don’t think that’s how lonely’s s’posed to be

When her shift was over

She came and sat right down

I said I wasn’t ready

So she ordered one more round

While I was drowning memories

She wrote her number on my arm

I must be going bout this heartache all wrong


I should be sitting on a barstool

Crying over lost true love

I should be wearing out that jukebox

With “She Done Left Me” songs

Yeah, I’m going bout this heartache all wrong

I got home past midnight

With lipstick on my cheek

Perfume on my collar

Might just wear this shirt all week

And if this bed gets lonely

Well, it won’t be lonely long

I’m going bout this heartache all wrong


Swore I’d be a mess, they’d scrape me off the floor

Pour me in a cab and send me home

Instead I’m lying here wide awake, a big fat smile on my face

Ain’t like no heartache I have ever known

© 2013 John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal