Breathe You In

If I was superman

I’d a had the strength to hold ya

If I was a better man

You’d a never left at all

If I was Jesus

I’d make a miracle out of this mess

But I am who I am

And you’re gone


I can stare at that door

Till its sawdust and ashes

But you ain’t coming back this time

So pile up our memories

And I’ll strike the matches

Let smoke fill the air, that’s alright

I won’t hold my breath now

I’ll breathe you in and let you out

You’re more beautiful

Now that you’re a memory

I’m more miserable

Alone here with the truth

I might crumble

But my heart might surprise me

It could keep on beating

Even without you

Repeat Chorus:


One more prayer, one more whiskey

One last hopeless hope you’ll miss me

And then I’m done, then I’m done

Repeat Chorus:

© 2015 John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal