Wichita Wind

There’s silver in the Rockies, or so I’m told,

The wanderlust got me, got a hold of my dreams,

A leaf in the stream

I’m a traveling man chasing down run away stars

There’s gold in my pocket, keeping time,

And her picture in a locket, she’s mine to lose,

Put yourself in my shoes

I’m a traveling man but she owns the biggest piece of my heart


I hear her voice on the Wichita wind

Got me wishing I was back again

Finds me whatever kind of state I’m in

Love’s calling, love’s calling

She blows her kisses to the Wichita wind

I catch ‘em on my lips, blow ‘em back again

I’ll be heading home as soon as I can

Love’s calling, love’s calling, love’s calling

She’s my blue sky baby, up with the sun,

Wheat field waiting, for winter to come

Cuz she knows when November blows

It’ll carry me right into her arms


My heart is telling me to listen for that sound

Feel a chill in the air, it’s time to turn around

© 2015 John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal