Love to burn

It’s Saturday night

We got nothing planned

And we got rainy day quarters

Spilling out a coffee can

Now that the work is done

I Think we’ve earned some fun


What do you say, you and me

Get us a penthouse suite

Put out that do not disturb us sign

Do some honeymoon loving

Get a champagne buzz ‘n

Live it up till checkout time

Lemme lay you down

Put that king size bed to work

Got a little money to spend

And a whole lot of love to burn

Can’t get ahead

No matter how hard we try

We’ve been so busy living

That life keeps on passing us by

So, honey, I don’t care,

Tonight let’s live like millionaires


I want to fan the flames, I want to feel

the heat that’s burning up inside

I want to hold you close, I want to feel

your skin melting into mine

© 2015 John Cirillo/Sam Gyllenhaal