Hand Me Down Love

Bobby slipped grandma’s ring on my finger

I was wearing my momma’s wedding gown

Our family trees grew one branch higher

As we dug our roots into our home town

The family farm is where we make our living

It’s a hard life that comes so easily

Sometimes grandpa still takes me fishing

It’s amazing how much that still means me


We don’t need no mansion on the hill

The life we’ve stitched together has always been enough

Money can’t buy what family can build

A home filled with hand me down love

When Jenny got so sick last summer

Her tiny body fighting to survive

Four generations prayed together

Now tomorrow our little girl is turning five


Our family bible goes back 200 years

A testament to survival, blood sweat and tears

Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons

Living and loving and passing it on

Cirillo/Essenburg 2012