Love Makes You

Love is a crazy road you never know where it’s gonna go or lead ya

Caught in the rush, can’t get enough, you want her touch, you want how it frees ya

There comes a time, make up your mind, does she want ya or does she need ya

Feels like more than clothes on the floor, but then a swinging door as she leaves ya

Can you see how she sees ya?


Sometimes a woman can get you high

Then leave you hanging on a sweet goodbye

One more screwed up guy without a clue

The right kind of woman can feel like home

You find that girl, don’t let her go

She can turn you into a hero or a fool

Sometimes you make love and sometimes love makes you

You’re just a man, you’ve got a plan, you’ve got a handle on all of your emotions

Then she comes along, a dirty blond, her high heels on, she’s smoking

You buy her a drink, and with a wink, she’s got you thinking you’re golden

You’re jumping in, and right there and then, there’s only one of two ways that’s going

Has that heart of yours has been stolen?


Look in the mirror, see the man that you are

Love will save your soul or tear it apart

© 2016 Sam Gyllenhaal/John Cirillo