Best Damn Heartache

I’ll give you points for bravery

You were there when I got home

Sitting on your suitcase

Already gone

You kissed me on the cheek

Then I watched you drive away

Not a word was spoken

There was nothing I could say


I loved you like a maniac

You loved me best you could

I should’ve seen it coming

But denial felt so good

Yeah, it’s gonna hurt like hell

Girl, don’t feel so bad (last chorus: But I’ll get over that)

You’re the best damn heartache

I ever had

I always wondered what you saw

In such a simple man

Trying to hold you felt like water

Slipping through my hands

Still I wouldn’t change a minute

Even knowing how it ends

Yeah, you’re gonna leave a scar

But I’d do it all again


If you ever do decide that you were wrong

Girl, you’re always welcome back where you belong

Cirillo/Martin (©) 2013